Elizabeth Jackson Family – Memorial Day

This statue of Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson serves as a remembrance for what she and her sons Hugh and Robert did for our country during the Revolutionary War, making the ultimate sacrifice. After tending to the wounded at the Waxhaw massacre, Elizabeth and her sons Andrew (age 13), Hugh, and Robert joined a patriot regiment. Soon thereafter, Hugh died from heat exhaustion at the Battle of Stono Ferry. Robert was captured after the Battle of Camden, contracted Smallpox while held prisoner, and then died. Andrew also was captured, wounded, contracted Smallpox, but survived. Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson died November 1781 at Charleston, South Carolina while trying to locate a family member that may have been captured. Orphaned at age fourteen, Andrew would live on to continue fighting and would later become the 7th President of the United States.

Location: Old Waxhaw Church, Lancaster, South Carolina

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