Rev John Simpson and the Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church

The Reverend John Simpson married in New Jersey and graduated from Princeton College in 1768. In 1774 Simpson was installed at Chester County and preached at upper and lower Fishing Creek and Bethesda. Rev. Simpson was very outspoken for the American causes of liberty encouraging his congregations to fight for their freedom from Britain. Rev. Simpson was an ardent Whig, and was regarded as the head of the party who had broken up the assemblies of the Tories both at Beckham’s Old Field and at Mobley’s Meeting House. These actions made him a target for British Commander Christian Huck. Huck burnt down his house and church. Rev. Simpson, meanwhile, had shouldered his rifle days earlier and taken the field, joining Thomas Sumter across the State line.

Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church now has a monument for Rev. Simpson and all the men from that congregation that served in the Revolutionary War.

Location: Near Chester, South Carolina

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