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The Hotel Chiquola was built in 1888 at a cost of $75,000. It became the Plaza Hotel in 1924 and then was converted into apartments in 1977

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The Faires-Coltharp Cabin was originally built by Jesse Faires in about 1814. Jesse’s parents, Alexander and Jennet Faires, traveled here on horseback on the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road or Nation Ford Road from Pennsylvania in 1776.⁠ Photo by: @photographybycarena

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Lyric Theatre

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God’s Acre Healing Springs

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Wingard Store – Lone Star

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The Asbury United Methodist Church (as listed on the sign) was built in 1898 as the Clio Presbyterian Church

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Lake Crawford was built by the CCC in the 1930s. It’s one of 2 lakes at Kings Mountain State Park

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The South Carolina Railroad Depot was built in 1850. The building partially burned in 1865 and was reconstructed

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The White Home in Rock Hill was built in 1839 and is one of the original homes in Rock Hill. 5 Generations of the White family lived here until 2005

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The Star of Edgefield was built ca. 1859 by Robert Butler. Mattie Butler Mealing, inherited it from her father, Robert, and sold approximately 5,600 acres of land surrounding it to the North Augusta Land Company in 1890. The current owner, Claudia Hillis, is the great-great-granddaughter of Robert