Mountain View Hotel – Easley

The Mountain View Hotel was completed in 1882

The Mountain View Hotel was built in 1882 to serve passengers on the Richmond-Atlanta AirLine Railroad. It was later home to Pepper Hardware and then an antique store.

Location: Easley, SC

Research Anomaly: It was reported to the SC state archives that the building was built in 1872 as a livery stable and in 1917, J. R. McCravy remodeled it as a hotel. That information is contradicted by the fact that John Robinson McCravy was born in 1908 would have been 9 years old and the Sanborn Fire Survey lists the building as existing as a brick hotel in 1908. Also should note that there appears to be an “old Mountain View Hotel”, a wooden home, that was later the home of Dr. R.S. Smith and then Senator Harris Smith of Easley.

Research revealed newspaper articles documenting the following on the building:

  • Completed in 1882 [listed as almost complete in December, 1881]. ( The Pickens Sentinel (Pickens, South Carolina) 01 Dec 1881, Thu Page 3)
  • Mrs. Connie M. Blaylock, owner in 1896
  • J. M. Hull, proprietor in 1903
  • Sanborn Fire Map shows brick hotel existing here in 1908 survey.
  • In 1911, C. H. Johnstone (moved to Chester) and sold hotel interest to L. B. O’Dell.
  • Previous owner A. D. Steadman (moved to york) sold to B. Lewis (of Pickens) in 1915.
  • Mrs. E. C. Owens rented and ran the hotel in 1918.

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