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Patrick Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot

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Great Falls Depot

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Darlington Depot

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Cameron Depot

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Blackville Depot

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Branchville Southern Railway Passenger Depot

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The Atlantic Coast Railroad Depot was constructed in 1928. The rail line started as the Wilmington, Chadborn, and Conway Railroad with a second rail line, the Conway Coast and Western Railroad, was built in 1896. The two interconnected in 1904 was purchased by the Atlantic Coast Line in 1912

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The Heath Springs Depot, constructed by the Southern Railway in 1903, is the third depot built at Heath Springs

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This depot is for the Piedmont and Northern Railroad (P&N) began in 1911. Part of the Great Electric System of the South, the electric rail system provided freight & passenger service until 1951. In 1954 the freight service began using diesel, and the P&N ended all service in 1969. The rail line here has also been abandoned

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Lake City Depot